Coversure Insurance Oswestry

Coversure Insurance Oswestry

Coversure Oswestry offers insurance solutions for companies and individuals in Oswestry & throughout Shropshire. We offer quality insurance advice and products together with excellent customer service at competitive prices.

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Coversure Insurance HGV

Truck Website

Dedicated website for insurance of Heavy Goods Vehicles from 7.5 tonnes up to 44 tonnes and Fleet Insurance for Haulage & Carriage of Own Goods. Specialist HGV & Truck insurance at our most competitive rates.

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Coversure Insurance Mold

Call free on 0800 3081 220   Mobiles: 01352 218004
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Coversure Claimsline


Motor Insurance Claims

Call the Coversure Claimsline on 0844 815 8506

Commercial & Household Insurance Claimsline

Please refer to your policy book and call the telephone number in the claims section. If you do not have your policy booklet to hand or cannot locate the relevant telephone number please contact us on 0800 3081 220.

Motor Insurance Claims

Coversure Claimsline will quickly check all your policy details and then take you through the steps that will follow.

If you have comprehensive cover, we will arrange for the nearest approved repairer to contact you and get repairs organised including wherever possible a replacement car.

Coversure Oswestry are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service. One of the most important services we want to put at your fingertips is a first class, responsive and experienced claims department and uninsured loss recovery service manned by staff who understand what you need when you have had an accident.

We will manage your claim ensuring that you are confident that all aspects of the repairs have been handled correctly. We will also work on your behalf, assisting and guiding you through all the other paperwork and things that happen following an accident.

If you have a fire claim or if your car is stolen, we will arrange to report it to your insurer and, if it is covered under your policy, have it recovered and then work on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement. We will take you through how to notify the police, advise you on what is needed to establish the value and negotiate with your insurers whilst keeping you fully advised of what is going on.

If the accident was somebody else’s fault, we will take care of recovering you’re out of pocket expenses and uninsured losses from the person responsible. Our experienced staff will tell you what you can and cannot claim for, and then pursue the claim on your behalf including issuing legal proceedings if we can’t get your losses back. If you are injured in an accident, we will help to get the damages you are entitled to. Our claims staff will ensure that you are properly advised and we will pass your claim to a lawyer who specialises in personal injury claims and there will be no risk to you win or lose.

We are here to give you help when you need it so, as soon as you have any type of motoring accident regardless of your policy cover, regardless of whose fault it is one call will handle it all.

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Commercial & Household Insurance Claims

Please refer to your policy book and call the telephone number in the claims section.

It is important that you do this as soon as possible, in order for the insurers to deal with any damage limitation and to arrange an inspection as soon as possible (if required).

If you do not have your policy booklet to hand or cannot locate the relevant telephone number.

Please contact us on 0800 3081 220.